Jane Abucha


Dr. Jane Abucha joins the WISE Board in 2018 as its first member originally from Africa. Born and raised in the small village of Loa in South Sudan, she began school there, continuing through high school and nursing study in Juba, capital of South Sudan. In 1994 she obtained her Diploma in Medicine at Omduruman Medical Institute in Khartoum, then worked as a clinician and field administrator with the NGO, Action Contre-LeFirm.


In 2000, due to the tragic war in her country, Jane claimed political asylum in Egypt and worked in a number of medical positions until she and her family relocated to Arizona. Following her divorce in 2004, she has lived as a single mother in the US raising six beautiful children despite many challenges.


Jane returned to college and earned both bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Grand Canyon University, followed by a doctorate from Maryville University in St. Louis, MO. She has achieved success in starting a small business as an independent health care provider and is the proud owner of Innovative Health Clinic and Inspire Home Health Care Agency, LLC in Surprise, AZ.


The author of From Start to Finish: How to be Successful*, Jane has received numerous awards, and in 2106 was named a “Health Care Hero” while the NAACP honored her as a “Living Legend”. Let’s add college teacher and professor to that list of achievements!


In her personal life, Jane continues mothering her children and is active as a board member in her Catholic Church and other community organizations. She loves to sing, dance and swim and enjoys the natural world. Her next goal is to learn Spanish in 2019!


Email: jane.abucha@wisezambia.org




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