Nila Gorman


Nila’s first involvement with WISE was in 2011, when she joined a team visiting  Kaoma. Following her second trip in 2012, knowing she must contribute in a more meaningful way, she joined the Board with a strong commitment to advancing WISE’s mission. She became Board President in 2013 and has been instrumental in expanding WISE’s scholarship program, as well as organizing team trips and projects, and supporting and communicating with our project co-coordinator in Kaoma. In alignment with WISE’s mission, Nila is focused on forming strong relationships with our partners in Kaoma and educational programs, thus ensuring their growth to the point where they become self-supporting.

Pursuant to WISE’s bylaws regarding term limits and a personal decision to diversify within the organization, Nila resigned as Board President in order to focus on her duties as WISE Treasurer, Board Member, and Educational Committee leader.


Nila is also passionate about educating today’s youth in the US. She holds a BA in special/elementary education and an MA in curriculum design and instruction from Fontbonne University, as well as an MA in elementary and secondary administration from Lindenwood University. Currently, she is a seventh grade English language arts instructor in the Hazelwood School District, St. Louis, Missouri, and a middle school track coach. In addition, Nila volunteers at her church coaches Girls on Track, and serves on several committees within the Hazelwood School District.






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