2021 and Beyond!

A photo may be worth a thousand words, and this 36-second comes close. It may not seem particularly exciting, but it highlights two of WISE Zambia’s major accomplishments. First, the truck, a 4×4 Toyota pickup. Our work focuses on rural communities in Zambia’s agrarian Western Province, but even so, we had to turn down requests for help from numerous remote community schools because we could not reach without reliable 4-wheel drive transportation! Now, here we come!


In addition, the truck exits through the gate of our 4-hectare Kaoma, Zambia, campus. This fence was vital for any expansion–now, able to better ensure the safety of our students and the security of our educational materials (including computers) on the campus, look for expanded educational opportunities on the Campus, including a library, science lab, and computer center.


For those who helped make this possible, we–on behalf of the entire WISE Family–thank you very much!


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