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The most important factor in delivering empowerment and economic independence for vulnerable women and children in Zambia is our dedicated team.
Passionate, dedicated and inspiring they delight in finding potential in each student, and that is what we specialise in and a promise we deliver on.
We invite you to get to know our wonderful staff by putting a face to the name, reading their bios and getting in touch; they are always happy to discuss anything you need to know.




Maggie Indopu Wamunyima

Zambia Director

Maggie grew up a rural area of the Kaoma District, where she walked four kilometres to school daily.

Mukelabai Mukela

Mukelabai Mukela joined WISE Zambia as its education coordinator in May of 2021.

Humphery Kuwaya

Administrative Assistant

Humphrey became a WISE Zambia scholar in the 10th grade.


Administrative Assistant

Namangolwa joined WISE as Maggie's Administrative Assistant in January of 2018.


Mundia Munukayumbwa

Board Chairperson

Munukayumbwa Mundia is chairperson of the WISE Zambia board in Zambia. He has been actively involved with WISE Zambia for more than a decade.



Each year, WISE hires two-three of its recent secondary school graduates to serve as interns during their pre-college gap year. During this period, they perform a variety of tasks, everything from operating the corn meal hammermill to interviewing prospective scholarship students. Even after heading off to college, many of these interns stay involved with WISE, volunteering during school breaks.

Our support team in the United States

The United States WISE Zambia board and staff serves to support the board and staff in Zambia, through financial resources, human resources, and exposure.


Evan Haglund

United States Director

Evan first went to Africa in 2006, traveling to a Sudanese refugee camp in northern Uganda.


Joanne Bollinger


Joanne made her first trip to WISE Zambia’s headquarters in Kaoma in 2013.

Patricia Stockford

Board Treasurer

Pat’s support for WISE began a year prior to her first trip to Zambia in 2005.

Stephanie Anderson

Board Member

Stephanie Anderson was introduced to WISE Zambia in 2021.

Micaela Wong

Board Member

Micaela joined the WISE Board in 2018 as its newest millennial.