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WISE’s underlying philosophy is to invest in people, not things; only then, will true change and progress occur. Further, it is our objective to work with, but not displace, the role of the government in advancing education. That said, we recognize that educational programs cannot work without basic necessities – including access to water, a place to learn, and supplies. We have provided this infrastructure to our partners as needed. 


Water is essential for both basic health and hygeine. WISE has provided water supplies to several of the schools with which is works. WISE has worked with the Presentation Sisters (formerly Sishekanu/Kaoma Community) Basic School since its inception in 2004, and as the school grew from a few dozen students to several hundreds, the need for water at the school was clear. Thus, in 2013, WISE partnered with the Irish organization Alan Kerins Projects, to supply water to Presentation Sisters.

Among other water projects, we:

  • installed a borehole at the Women’s Centre, and connected ten taps for families near Women’s Center in 2004
  • provided boreholes at the Kaoma Hospital and Mulamatilla Basic School.

As our programs expand further into rural areas of Zambia, water projects will become even more imperative, as many rural schools lack not only electricity, but a reliable source of water. The lack of water directly impacts attendance at the schools. Over the next two years, WISE anticipates installing ten boreholes at rural schools.


Drilling equipment must travel from urban areas; as a result, rural drilling efforts are considerably more expensive than those in cities.


$3200 (Or donate any amount to help us with these costs.)




One of WISE’s first projects was to assist the Sishekanu Basic School in Kaoma, a school designed specifically to cater to the most vulnerable children in the area.  This was Sishekanu in 2003, holding classes for grades 1-5.


Sishekanu today is a 12-building school, serving grades 1-12. WISE was instrumental in its growth, providing classroom blocks, toilets, and water.


WISE’s next project will be the school in Lukulu (shown below), approximately 210 kilometers from Kaoma. We seek not only to replace this building, but to add sufficient classroom blocks for all twelve grades, and include two dormitories (female and male), so that children from neighboring but distant villages can attend secondary school.


New school and facilities at Lukulu

New school and facilities at Lukulu

$38 000 (Or donate any amount to help us with these costs.)




Most schools in Africa have only antiquated blackboards, difficult for the children to see, and causing respiratory problems for teachers due to the constant exposure to chalk dust.

Accordingly, 2014, WISE provided whiteboards to two of the schools with whom we work the most closely – Shishekanu Basic School and Kaoma Secondary School.



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