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WISE Zambia embodies a number of values which have, to date, enabled us to provide scholarships to 317 students since 2014—205 are still in secondary school, 39 have graduated, and 19 have gone on to college! In January 2020, we will add an additional 50 students, with 250 will be in our secondary scholarship program. WISE Zambia will have 24 aspirational youth in college, nursing and trade schools in 2020.

There are so many more young people in remote villages, beyond our reach financially and physically, who deserve the same chance as the students we’ve already served. With your help, we can reach those who are still hoping that WISE Zambia will find them and help them pursue an education beyond 7th grade — and keep the young girls from early marriages.

Please help us support these students and women in their drive for self-sufficiency and independence. They have abilities and dreams that will take them far if only they are given the opportunity.

Please invest in these children today!

Nasilele Story

Nasilele, a WISE scholarship student, graduated first among the 2015 class of 600 students at Kaoma Secondary School.

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Humphrey Kuwaya Story

Humphrey not only graduated with distinction this year, but spent his final year as WISE’s student representative.

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Brian’s Story

Brian, a WISE scholar, graduated from Kaoma Secondary School in December 2015,

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Beatrice Nosiku Story

Beatrice, under a WISE scholarship, was one of the first females to graduate from the University of Zambia.

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Maggie Indopu Wamunyima Story

“I was raised in a small village in the Kaoma District in Western Province, Zambia.

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Juliet’s Story

Juliet’s story is an example of determination and perseverance.

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Beauty’s Story

Beauty is from Luampa District, west of Kaoma, where she grew up as an orphan with four siblings.

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Pelekelo’s Story

Pelekelo lived an hour and a half walk from the nearest village and even had to cross a river with crocodiles.

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Albert’s Story

What happens when your father leaves your mother and 6 siblings? If you have drive and dreams, you overcome — with the help of family, friends and community.

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Gift’s Story

Gift, in her own words: “I am a double orphan and found it very difficult to complete my secondary education, but with the intervention of WISE, my hope was rekindled.

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