Beauty’s Story

Beauty has wanted to be a nurse since she was a child.


Beauty is from Luampa District, west of Kaoma, where she grew up as an orphan with four siblings. Her older sister raised her and she was able to attend Luampa Primary School through Grade 7. Once her sister married, they moved to Kaoma and Beauty attended Sishekanu School for 2 years, only because her sister was able to manage the fees from income at her small clothing stand.


By the end of 9th grade, Beauty knew that her sister had no resources for her to continue. Fortunately, someone suggested she contact WISE. She brought her 9th grade exam results to the WISE Women’s Centre, applied for and received a scholarship. Beginning 10th grade as a WISE day student at Sishekanu, her favorite subject became Civic Education.


Beauty has wanted to be a nurse since she was a child so when she completed 12th grade successfully, she applied to Kaoma Nursing School, where she is now now enrolled in the Midwifery Program. Once she obtains her diploma in midwifery, she wants to continue her education and become a gynecologist. Without WISE’s support, Beauty could easily be married by now, perhaps with children, instead of pursuing her dreams.