Micaela S. Haglund - Wong


Micaela joined the WISE Board in 2018 as its newest millennial. Graduating from the University of Washington in March of 2017 with a BA in Psychology, she made her first trip to Kaoma in March, 2018. Inspired by the work of WISE and understanding the need for our students to improve their skills in reading and English, she came away with the desire to do whatever she could to help them along that road. She is enthusiastic about supporting the US Board in their work.


Micaela is a research scientist in Public Health and leads a study at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle to further understand the history of certain STD’s and how they impact HIV. Further, she manages students in a virology lab at the Center and is an assistant in a social psychology lab helping graduate students construct interventions in middle and high schools in greater Seattle. She has worked in health care in Vietnam and New Zealand and spent 5 weeks in Ecuador, in a cultural and language immersion seminar.


She was recently married and is expecting their first child in March. Her plan is to pursue a Master’s in Public Health and continue her involvement with WISE. The Board especially appreciates her vast knowledge and skills in technology. Lastly, if the name Haglund seems familiar, Evan is indeed her father, so Micaela will recuse herself from any decisions regarding his position as US Director.






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