We are often asked if someone can join a WISE Zambia team to go to Zambia to help build a school or similar structure. We must regrettably say “no, we do not do that.” That is simply not who we are. WISE Zambia is a Zambian organization that receives support from its American counterpart. Thus, as a matter of policy, any work that we need done is either performed by staff in Zambia, or Zambia-based contractors.


This is true even for materials for use outside of Zambia, such as the United States. Our website was designed and is managed by Sishima Graphics in Lusaka. Likewise, Sishima Graphics designs our US-bound marketing materials.


For those of you who received our recent 2021 annual newsletter—all designed by the quality graphic artists at Sishima!






WISE Zambia’s promotional videos are produced by Darkat Productions, also out of Lusaka. (Check some of these great videos out at our YouTube Channel:



Occasionally we must offshore some work to the United States, such as printing and event planning. Fortunately, there are contractors here that do good work as well!


Sishima Graphic does great work! Interested? Check them out at