Poultry workshop at Kaoma

Good news to poultry farmers and those intending to start poultry farming in Kaoma!


WISE – ZAMBIA is pleased to announce the hosting of Poultry Care Zambia’s Mushoke Muyangana for a two days poultry workshop at the Women Centre in Kaoma on the 7th and 8th of August 2017. The training will be based on the following:

1. Free range (village) chicken production:

Acquire knowledge on how to grow free range chicken for business at a profit. Learn how to improve Performance and productivity and reduce high poultry losses. Start an easy and profitable business that can be done at home with an incubator and how to improve egg hatching and egg quality.

2. Broiler production:

Acquire knowledge on how to grow broiler chickens as a profitable business. Learn the management tools, common management mistake and management stress to achieve heavy birds with uniform weight and sell your birds at the same time.

3. Layer poultry farming:

Acquire knowledge on how to raise chickens for egg product. Learn poultry layer management for optional egg production and profit.


CHARGE is $20 or K200 per individual. Snacks inclusive. Hurry hurry limited spaces available!!!!

For more details call Maggie Indopu-Wamunyima on 0978704990 and

Humphrey Kuwaya on 0979373756.


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