The 2017 school year has begun!

All of WISE’s scholarship students for the 2017 are now officially approved and registered. This year, WISE is sponsoring 102 students -a 43% increase over last year -in eight different schools. The final tally:


  •        Kaoma Secondary School – 53
  •        Lunyati Basic School – 15
  •        Sishekanu Secondary School – 13
  •        Kashokoto Basic School – 7
  •        Kaoma Basic School – 5
  •        Luampa Basic School – 4
  •       Mulamatilla Secondary School – 3
  •       Kalumwange Basic School – 2


Seventy percent of these students are female.


We are pleased that this year includes three new schools, Lunyati Basic School, Kaoma Basic School, and Kalumwange Basic School. The students in the Basic Schools are in grades 8 and 9. Zambia ends free public education at grade 7. Once these students complete grade 9, they will transfer to one of the secondary schools listed above, which also generally means moving out of the family home into a boarding situation closer to the high schools.


We had eight students graduate in 2016. More details on these students and their future plans later.


On behalf of WISE, the 2017 class of 102 students, and our graduating students, thank you for your support of WISE!