Wise Zambia’s prime objective: ensure that every WISE Zambia scholar can achieve her or his full potential! That cannot be done from the classroom alone.


Thus, WISE Zambia students participate in numerous out-of-the-classroom activities, designed to nurture creative and critical thinking, expand horizons, and create curiosity.


One key tool in this regard is the old-fashioned field trip. Most of our students have limited experience beyond rural areas of Zambia’s Western Province. Last week, our Education Coordinator Mukela Mukelabai and Assistant Education Coordinator Humphery Kuwaya took twenty of our students to the national capital city, Lusaka. (A brief aside: Humphery is one of our former students. Read his story here: Humphrey’s Story).


In Lusaka, our students watched democracy in action, observing the National Assembly in session. Our students were recognized by the Speaker during the session! Watch this historic moment for WISE Students at the 7:54 minute mark of this video of the National Assembly’s June 15 proceedings: National Assembly June 15, 2023.


The students also went to the National Museum, which traces the history of Zambia from the Kabwe Man (estimated by the Smithsonian Institute to be 150,000 to 300,000 years old), through independence in 1964, and to the present. (Kabwe is a small city in the Central Province, and also home to the Kwame Nkrumah University, where many WISE Zambia post-secondary students are studying.)


Our students also took a trip to the University of Zambia, Zambia’s largest and most prestigious university.


And they generally just enjoyed the city, the first visit to Lusaka for many!


More field trips are in the works, including to the National Airport, energy plants, and agricultural facilities. Even a few out-of-country educational excursions. Learn more about these programs here: Creating Curiosity.


Interested in sponsoring a field trip? The total cost for 20 students plus chaperones, including the bus rental, fuel, food, lodging, and miscellaneous other expenses, was approximately $1,500 total. Let us know!