Enabling children to realize their full potential

Long-term solutions require long-term commitments. This is the underlying philosophy behind WISE Zambia’s education programs in the Western Province of Zambia. Operating primarily in the rural parts of Zambia’s poorest province, WISE Zambia provides scholarships for deserving students beginning in the 8th grade.  Our 360-degree support follows our WISE Zambia scholars through post-secondary school. A WISE Zambia student should graduate from our program not only with a career, but with the ability (and obligation) to give back to their family, community, and country.

We are inviting you to invest in a student. Based on historical data, the average cost to assist a student from the 8th grade through college or vocational school is $2,909. This includes:

  • Tuition for 8th grade and beyond, including post-secondary;
  • Room and board;
  • School supplies;
  • Mentoring and counseling;
  • Personal supplies
  • Transportation.

This truly is an investment, not only for the student, but families and African communities as well. As a precondition to the tertiary scholarship, all WISE Zambia students commit to pay it forward following graduation. Whether it be through their own investments through WISE Zambia, or service for communities our scholars continue to bring others with them on the journey to empowerment through education.



Will I sponsor a specific student?

No, but even better. Our prior experience with one-on-one sponsorships has shown that there are significant collateral consequences to this arrangement. But we want our donors and supporters to share in the successes (and occasionally setbacks) of our students!


Thus, for the year that you invest in a student’s academic career, we will identify five new students entering our program that year—and will provide you with annual reports as to how each of these five students is faring. You will have the opportunity to share in the triumphs of these students, as well as their challenges and struggles. You will receive reports for each subsequent year until all five students have graduated from our program.  We will also let you know where the students land so you can see how your investment has made a real impact.



How does the financial aspect of this program work?

Our historical figures show the average cost for a student from the 8th grade through post-secondary school—whether trade school, college, or university—is $2,909. Choose your preferred time for payment, either the full amount up front, 24 monthly payments of $122, or anything in between.


We, in turn, would credit the first $709 to our scholarship budget for the year of your generous donation. The remainder of your investment is placed into an interest-bearing account.  For the next four years, we transfer $550 into our scholarship account for that year.

Why invest in the WISE-Zambia Brighter Futures Campaign?

Providing education opportunities for these deserving students is our mission.  We want to share this journey with our dedicated supporters. This program has the added benefit of assisting us with financial planning for future years, critical when our program is based upon long-term, rather than annual, commitments to each student.


For more information about the Brighter Futures program, please contact any WISE Zambia board member or the U.S. Director at [email protected].



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