Maggie Indopu Wamunyima


Zambia Director

Maggie Wamunyima is WISE’s first salaried employee, hired as our Zambia Director in 2014. Maggie grew up a rural area of the Kaoma District, where she walked four kilometres to school daily. She possesses an all-encompassing knowledge of the community, district and beyond. She has forged strong working relationships with the District Education Board, NGO Constitution Commission, Social Welfare Board, local schools and community leaders.


Creator and coordinator of WISE’s redesigned scholarship program, she took it from 28 recipients in 2014 to 500 in January of 2023. Her frequent consultation with head teachers from the rural schools from which we draw our high school scholarship recipients has proven invaluable in student success rates. Maintaining constant vigilance, Maggie ensures accountability in grades, behavior, and volunteerism from all recipients. Each year, she selects one to three graduates as interns, trains them to interview scholarship applicants, handle paperwork, and myriad other tasks.


Maggie holds all financial responsibility for WISE in Zambia. She serves on the board of a sister organization, Kaoma WISE Trust and oversees agricultural and vocational training and activities in collaboration with Margaret Mundia (Director of Kaoma WISE Trust).  Because of her work with WISE Zambia, as well as clean water projects, academic scholarships, and tailoring/design, the Kaoma District Commissioner nominated her as the District Representative to a regional conference on youth entrepreneurism in September of 2015. After her presentation there, she was selected to attend the national conference.


While directing WISE Zambia, Maggie also received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Lusaka, majoring in Developmental Studies. She drafted her senior dissertation on the barriers to credit for small scale farmers in Zambia, conducting independent research in her home district. Her dissertion can be found here INDOPU MAGGIE – Final Report.


Maggie is currently enrolled in the Master’s Degree program in Developmental Studies at the University of Zambia.


Maggie’s husband, Mark, is a nurse at Luampa Mission Hospital, and they are proud parents of Kufanga (b. 2013) and Lilian (b. 2015), and Zibo (b. 2022).


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