Past Projects


In addition to the projects described in detail, WISE has been a key partner for educational projects in and around Kaoma.  


The Sishekanu School was organized in Kaoma in 2003, serving the poorest section of Kaoma. Initially enrolling only lower grades in two thatched huts, it now has more than 12 buildings, covering pre-school through 12th grade.

WISE is proud to have contributed to Sishekanu Basic School’s growth to its current status as a full-fledged government school – with its headmistress, Beatrice, a WISE scholarship graduate! WISE’s contribution includes classroom blocks, restroom facilities and, with an Irish organization, a borehole and pump.

 The White Board Project

 The White Board Project

 The White Board Project


Most classrooms in western Zambia are outfitted with only old fashioned – and old – chalkboards. These chalkboards are difficult for the students to see, and the dust creates respiratory issues for the teachers.


In 2013 and 2014, WISE provided whiteboards to classrooms in both Sishekanu Basic School and Kaoma Secondary School.


In 2004, WISE connected ten taps near the Women’s Centre, providing water for numerous households in the vicinity. Since 2008, WISE has provided boreholes at the Women’s Centre, Kaoma Hospital, and Mulamatilla Basic School. It has also improved taps for Women’s Center members and provided new pump for the hospital. In 2013, as noted above, WISE provided a new water system for Sishekanu Basic School. In 2018, WISE drilled a borehole at its farm in Kalumwange, providing water not only for WISE’s farm, but also for all nearby residents.



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