Vocational Training


The Women’s Centre in Kaoma is the scene of a multitude of activities, many of which result in income-producing endeavors. Vocational training for vulnerable women is the first step in this process. 


In collaboration with the Kaoma WISE Trust board, WISE provides funding for training these women in sewing, tailoring, entrepreneurship, hospitality and occasional specialty projects. The ultimate goal is that these trainings will result in self-supporting programs, thus making the Women’s Center more than self-sufficient – it will be an economic driver in Kaoma.

The vast majority of such training is in the area of sewing, where women learn sewing skills, and are then able to rent space at sewing centers, making school uniforms, curtains, linens, shirts, and dresses.  In addition, there are training classes in entrepreneurship, hospitality and other specialty projects.

The newly renovated conference room has the capacity to host 60 attendees for seminars, workshops, wedding receptions, etc.; equipped with air conditioning, projector, white board, computers and flip chart. WISE routinely uses the conference room for training, but it is also rented out on a frequent basis.


A fully equipped kitchen (including stove and refrigerator) is used to train women in safe food preparation and preparation of meals for large groups, enabling them to obtain employment at restaurants, schools, or other facilities that regularly cook meals.


A hammermill contributes to income by grinding maize and cassava for the community. Male interns run the mill during their gap years, “giving back” while learning entrepreneurial skills.



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