Kaoma - From the Eyes of a WISE Student!


Today’s post is a “two-fer”: we’re proud to highlight the accomplishments of one of our scholarship students but, better yet, this accomplishment is an article on WISE’s home-base of Kaoma through the eyes of one of our scholarship students.


In their 2019 letter, Bill and Melinda Gates note that Africa is the youngest continent, which presents amazing opportunity: “These young people can be a huge asset. If they’re healthy and educated, they drive economic growth, they drive innovation, so it’s a challenge to the world to take advantage of investing in youth. Improving their health and education really pays off.” An aside: this letter is well worth the read! Find it here: https://www.gatesnotes.com/2019-Annual-Letter. Assisting our students in finding opportunities for innovation is a key component of our mission at WISE.


WISE scholarship student Nasilele Ngonda became Zambia’s first Youth Journalism International reporter. Read her story about life in Kaoma here: https://youthjournalism.org/feeling-safe-at-home-in-peaceful-kaoma-zambia/. A quick teaser: ” Going through all these activities each year is exciting but telling about them is thrilling. I have gone away from home several times, and I must say the best moment in all my absences was when I landed back home.”


The vibrancy and care of the youth–in fact, everyone!–of Kaoma is why we do what we do. [/vc_column_text]